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Carel Components, a division of Brian Hyde Ltd is associated with American and European manufacturers for the supply of temperature monitoring devices, thermofoil heaters, temperature and liquid level sensors, indicators, flow monitoring devices and signal conditioning modules to recognised Quality Assurance standards. BSI Registered to; BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

The following brands are supplied in the UK by Carel Components:


For sales enquiries contact: sales@brianhyde.co.uk
For technical support contact: keith.davies@brianhyde.co.uk


Brian Hyde Limited is a supplier of genuine Minco™ components and Minco works diligently to provide the best sensing, heating and instrumentation solutions for your application. Minco have hundreds of off-the-shelf solutions to meet your immediate requirements, and have also designed thousands of custom sensing, heating and combination packages to seamlessly operate in a wide range of applications.  These include combinations of Heaters, Sensors and Flex Circuits integrated into a single product.  These can also be populated with active components to form complete production solutions to complex electronics packaging challenges.

Areas of operation include:-

Defence and Aerospace 

Medical Diagnostics


Machinery and Motor Protection 

Industrial and Commercial Equipment

Process Control and Building Automation

Brian Hyde Limited is a supplier of genuine KFG® Level Control Instrumentation.  We are able to supply:

  • Magnetic Float Level Transmitters
  • Magnetic Float Switches
  • Magnetic Float Switches Horizontal
  • Electrodes
  • Flow Controllers
  • Magnetic Switches
  • Suspended Float Switches
  • Control Units
  • Bypass Level Indicators
  • Bypass Level Indicators-Mini
  • Top Mounted Level Indicators
  • Top Mounted Level Indicators-Mini

Brian Hyde Limited is a supplier of genuine Soclair Electronic signal transducers and converters that covers a very wide range of DIN-Rail mounted modules for very many applications.

  • Over 400 different types available
  • For all common sensors
  • Programmable or fixed-range versions
  • Deliverable for all technically feasible ranges
  • 3 accuracy classes: A, C, and D (0.05-0.4%)
  • Housings for DIN-rails, -heads (Type B), and printed circuit boards
  • 5 years warranty