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RHODIUS is one of the leading European manufacturers of abrasive tools. As we see it, we don’t sell just tools but solutions. We want to give professional users grinding tools with which they can achieve the best results.

The maxim for all RHODIUS developments is very simple: we want to create perfect, technically mature solutions for you.

This is why our application engineers and product developers work together closely with people who use grinding tools every day and expect a top performance. The feedback is used permanently in our work. Be this as the basis for the development of new, innovative grinding solutions or for the continuous optimisation of existing products.

The ultimate aim of each of our product developments is always to make your daily work easier. This is particularly true for our BRAINTOOLS – a completely new, highly innovative product system of intelligent problem solvers to help you deal with very diffi cult grinding problems and daily routine work faster, easier and more effi ciently.

Try them yourself and you will feel the difference. And you will never be content with anything less!

  • RHODIUS is the leading provider of grinding tools in Europe.
  • The combination of excellent products and outstanding service makes RHODIUS a preferred partner.
  • RHODIUS offers above-average quality with good value for money. 
  • RHODIUS’s high standards are guaranteed by innovative product development and highly developed manufacturing technologies.
  • RHODIUS employees stand out on all levels due to their expertise and commitment.
    They identify with their company and participate in its success.