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Our goal is to be the best and most innovative measuring
tool manufacturer in the world with our STABILA brand.

Our products are distinguished by permanent accuracy, optimal
handling qualities and attractive design.

Professional skills, open and honest communication, shared
solutions and consistent striving for improvements form the basis
of all our activities.

STABILA’s success is based on the capabilities and willingness
of our staff. They are noted for their customer awareness,
their focus and their targeted and cost-effective actions.
They are flexible and willing to tread new paths. They work very
independently and do all in their power to keep their promises.

We work in close partnership with our customers and suppliers
and the same applies to all collaboration inside our company.

The satisfaction of our customers is the foundation of the ongoing
success and independence of our company.



When Anton and Franz Ullrich see how a carpenter makes his own foot-rule, an idea for a business is formed — why not connect several foot-rules together to form a new, easy-to-handle tool? The folding rule was born at that moment.

The Ullrich brothers join the sections of the rule with a patented spring joint.

Ullrich’s sons, founds the “Metre Factory” in Annweiler in Germany’s Pfalz region. Rules and spirit levels are exported even to far-off Russia.

Patents ensure a good position for the company which is now manufacturing a complete range of measuring equipment.

Registration of the brand name STABILA.

Production of rules and measuring tapes recommences after World War II. Ground-breaking developments in the field of measuring equipment for craftsmen follow.

STABILA secures the patent for the acrylic glass vial and becomes the first German manufacturer of measuring tools to produce light metal spirit levels.

STABILA invents the glass fibre measuring tape.

Registration of the company name STABILA Messgeräte Gustav Ullrich KG.

A patent, which has yet to be bettered, creates life-long accuracy for spirit levels — STABILA casts the vials securely into the profile body.

The electronic age commences at STABILA with laser measuring instruments. A wholly-owned sales organisation is formed in the USA.

The present:
STABILA is the European market leader in the field of spirit levels and the rule — spirit level — measuring tape grouping. Over 400 staff are engaged in STABILA’s globalsuccess. The development of new products and manufacturing techniques, not to mention the sales and marketing activities, move forward every year. Numerous innovations and patents involving lasers, spirit levels, measuring tapes and rules constitute both reassurance and, at the same time, an incentive. The reward — continuously increasing demand.